El Santo de Mayo 2014!

Just like last year, we have an important update about El Hijo del Santo. Sadly he is retiring due to spine injuries that will prevent him from wrestling anymore. On the plus side, the injuries are not severe enough to keep him from leading a normal life. Let’s look back on his career with the following interview:


But the legacy of El Santo is far from over! One of Hijo’s sons will be wrestling as “El Nieto del Santo” (The Grandson of El Santo). In fact, he went to the Japanese school Pro Wrestling NOAH to train. Why did a luchador go to Japan? It’s because El Nieto del Santo wants his wrestling career to go beyond lucha libre. Here’s what appears to be El Hijo and El Nieto at a press conference about his career:


Now the interesting thing is that El Nieto is only one of El Santo’s twenty five grandchildren and isn’t the only one who wrestles. A son of El Hijo del Santo’s sister wrestles as “Axxel,” but he also used the name “El Nieto del Santo” until El Hijo took legal action. He apparently regained the ability to use the name in 2012, but the career of the “official” El Nieto might put a stop to that. Hopefully any future wrestling descendents will form their own identities and use their connection to El Santo as an interesting piece of trivia instead, as a wrestler with a “Great Great Great Great Grandson of Santo” name would just be ridiculous.

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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