Costume Crazyness 2014

Once again October has given me a lot of new costumes to mock. It’s also given me the obligatory Scream knock-off and offensive ethnic stereotype costume. I don’t know whether to be disappointed or impressed that they managed to make something that could offend two groups at the same time. As it gets more and more depressing the more I think about it, let’s move on to some other costumes:


Now that is one suggestive mouth…

I don’t know which is a lamer name for a knock-off Freddy Krueger mask, “Badly Burned Ghost” or “Black Hat Ghost.”

Doctor Professor” is the most ridiculous name you could pick for a Doctor Who knock-off costume.

Remember those old costumes we all wore as kids? The ones with the picture of the character’s face on a plastic smock? Well it turns out there’s an adult equivalent of those.

This is a “Pale Blue Face” mask and not Michael Myers. BECAUSE REASONS.

Holy crap, there’s Pigsy mask! Although with ones for Sandy and Tripitaka. If you can get a group together and factor in this Monkey King mask, you can have one hell of a Journey to the West themed ensemble.

This “Tongue Ghost” wants to KISS you.

I should have known better. When I first saw the “Dark Avenger” costume, I thought someone had made a line of superhero costumes based on comic book tropes rather than just making your standard knock-offs. Then I got a closer look at the costume’s chest piece and mask…

I don’t think the Terminator has what can be described as a rotten face. Do you? Similarly, I don’t think E.T. can be accurately described as a “Broken Eye Monster.”

There’s a fat Slender Man costume and a skinny Cartman costume. What gives? I suppose I should be thankful there isn’t a “Sexy Slender” costume…yet. Speaking of which, here’s the runner up for “The Least Expected Slender Man Costume of all Time” award.

This “Spy vs. Spy” costume is somehow scarier than some “Plague Doctor” costumes out there. Seriously.

Someone made a knock-off of a costume from The Fifth Element years after the movie came out. WHY?

If They Mated: Totoro and Stitch.

If you’re going to dress up as Gamora, you need to wear green makeup. No, more than that.

This is the first time I’ve ever seen a “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” knock-off. It’s also the first time I’ve seen a face painting stencil featuring a knock-off.

Please tell me they included the teeth in this. If not, anyone who wears it has to make this. No exceptions.

King Skull Mask” or zombified Deadpool? You decide!

Why would anyone spend $30 on a latex mask version of a burlap sack with a hole cut in it?

Although this is a cool costume, just remember that Bruceploitation is a crime.

Hi, I’m a sadistic vampire and not a Cenobite.

This is either a really ugly Charlie Chaplin mask or a really ugly Hitler mask.

Since when is President Obama a ghost?

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