Freaky Food

You want a joke?  Check out the size of this cake!

If the “Halloween Cake” picture above seems like a tasty treat, you can learn how to make your own thanks to the Google Books preview of American Cookery Volume 24. It also has a recipe for “Witches’ Delight,” which has a great name but doesn’t look very spooky. Those who want party snacks which do both should try whipping up a batch of “Stuffed Pizza Skulls.”

Spooky Moon has plenty of recipes for festive goodies, like “Halloween Pinwheel Cookies” and “Chocolate Pumpkin Cupcakes” (among many others).

Readers of this site know how Boris Karloff loved flowers and poetry, but they probably had no idea he loved Mexican cuisine as well. He even had his own special recipe for guacamole! I recommend using the classic “Puking Pumpkin” or “Halloween Brain Dip” methods of presentation.

Not to be outdone, ghoulish gourmet Vincent Price has a recipe for a “Melon Monster” under his belt. Although no horror stars are associated with them, I did get a kick out of these “Vegetable Robots.”

Facebook is a great recipe resource when it comes to Halloween treats. It has lead to me finding things like “Finger Food,” “Bloody Cupcakes” and “Great Pumpkin Parfait.” It also gave me some great leads on healthy Halloween snacks and other delicious recipes.

Babble also has a list of recipes inspired by scary movies, Divine Dinner Party has numerous Halloween finger foods, Our Best Bites offers “Monster Munch,” Instructables shows us how to make “Vampire Blood Lollipops,” Gourmified offers up some “Bloody Intestines,” Kidspot has a recipe for “Halloween Teeth” while Cute Food For Kids has one for “Cheese Eyeballs.”

Appetizers and snacks are nice, but what about something more filling? There’s always “Monster Bacon Meatloaf” or a “Meat Hand.” Or how about “Roasted Fleshworms” as a main course? Those preferring a vegetarian alternative should appreciate the recipe for a “Severed Sweet Potato Hand” and “Sandworm Bread.”

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