Free Halloween Coloring Sheets II

Ew...Boris has a runny nose!

It’s been a long time since I shared free coloring sheets for Halloween, so I imagine you have since run out of new material for the little ones in your life.

If you enjoy this vintage promotional coloring sheet from The Monster and the Ape that Hollywood Gorilla Men was kind enough to share, then you’ll go ape over Vintage Cinema Ads’ uploads of these three coloring sheets for King Kong.

From Zombos’ Closet has lots of pressbook scans featuring coloring sheets, such as the one from The Terror which illustrates this article. I particularly enjoyed the ones offered for The Giant Claw, Something Wicked This Way Comes and Krull. Those last ones should also appeal to older coloring enthusiasts due to the subject matter and smaller spaces between the lines.

Speaking of coloring pages with appeal to both younger and older audiences, Bogleech is selling a coloring book which is designed to gradually go from kid-friendly to gruesome. There are sample pages available online, both kid friendly and not so friendly.

Coloring Page has a ton of freebies available, ranging from a complete spooky alphabet to more standard Halloween fare.

Halloween Coloring Pages definitely lives up to its name and Pinterest is a great resource for leads on free coloring sheets as well.

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