Music In Costume: MAN…OR ASTRO-MAN? dresses up as The Ventures

There wasn’t a post yesterday because I’ve been busy with this Holiday season with two additional endeavors.

PHANTOM CREEP RADIO is counting down the days until Halloween with the 13 DAYS OF PHANTOM CREEP RADIO. Every day until the 31st, there will be a new half-hour of the madness and mayhem that takes place at the Midnite Monster Hop in NYC. Go over and enjoy some creepy music and zany creeps.

HAUNTED SHACK THEATER has relaunched over at Episode #29 is a potent half-hour of horror and soon, all the back catalog of episodes will be available for the public. It’s a great show and perfect for this time of year.

Along with 6ftplus, it’s been a busy time. So it’s a yearly tradition of me missing an update during the October Halloween Season. Weird Jon remains UNDEFEATED. The man is a machine.

This time around, let’s talk the Joker, since it seems fitting as I discussed the Batman theme last time. The Ventures gave the Clown Prince of Crime one of his earliest anthems. This would be decades before the twisted interpretations of the character–in the ‘Death of the Family’ comics and the portrayals by Jack Nicholson, Mark Hamil and Heath Ledger–turned that smile into something far more deranged than dandy.

Man or Astro-Man – space creatures from beyond comprehension, known for replicating and sending the clones on tour throughout the world. They did a fantastic version off of their classic DESTROY ALL ASTROMEN album. Definitely pick it up.


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