Music In Costume: The Tombstone Brawlers dress up as Iron Maiden

The Tombstone Brawlers are no more. Iron Maiden will never die.

The Tombstone Brawlers were staples of NYC Psychobilly. But they’ve metamorphosed into The Omega Men. Like them and be a fan of them. We’ve got two Tombstone Brawler albums to remember the good times, of which one has this Iron Maiden cover.

Iron Maiden. People LIVE AND DIE for Iron Maiden. Mostly Europeans, but Americans love ’em too. I mean, heavy metal. Iron Maiden and Motorhead are the whiskey-infused blood of metal. Though, King Diamond is touring this year – and that’s awesome.

I like both covers. But there’s something about Iron Maiden’s original that just WORKS.

What do you think?


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