Pumpkin Carving With Commentary

I’ve toyed with the idea of posting pumpkin carving videos before, but quickly realized how most of the appeal came from the end result rather than watching the actual carving. It seemed to make more sense to just gather up a bunch of cool Jack O’Lanterns pictures to post rather than focus on a video. But that’s when I came across the following parody video by Mark Rakocy:

You know, that name seems awfully familiar but I can’t quite place it. His website says he is a (and I quote) “Motion Graphic Designer and aspiring Other Stuff specialist” and his Internet Movie Database profile notes his work on several films…including The Dead Matter by the Midnight Syndicate! Come to think of it, he was a contributor on their self-titled debut album and provided graphic design work for Gates of Delirium. Ain’t the internet grand?

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