“Night of The Living Dead” Stars Home-Grown Talent

I bet this article wasn't too popular in certain parts of the US.  Especially this image.

Two Pittsburgh-born performers who left home in search of show business careers, returned to Pittsburgh to make their motion picture debut debuts as stars of the Walter Reade Organization’s “The Night of The Living Dead” which opens soon at the Leathbridge Theatre.

Duane Jones left Pittsburgh first for college and then to study at New York’s famous Actors Studio. Judith O’Dea left in the other direction-for Hollywood-where she where pursued a career in television and the stage.

But casting directors have long memories and both stars were called back to Pittsburgh for their starring roles in the film which was produced by a local company, Image Ten, Inc.

“The Night of The Living Dead” stars Marilyn Eastman in addition to Mr. Jones and Miss O’Dea. It was directed by George A. Romero. It is released by Continental, the motion picture division of the Walter Reade Organization.

[This post is based around a prepared article included in the pressbook for Night of the Living Dead. With the exception of adding a theater name in order to mimic how this would have looked in an old newspaper, the article has been unchanged. Notice how the film’s title doesn’t match up with its onscreen title. Is it any wonder the Walter Reade Organization forgot to include a copyright notice when they changed the original “Night of the Flesh Eaters” title? You can find more vintage promotional material for the film here and see the pressbook at From Zombos’ Closet.]

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