Producers Insure Horror Patrons Against Insanity

I didn't think you were going to take my temperature THERE!

Europix-International Ltd., the producers of the new triple horror program, ORGY OF THE LIVING DEAD, which opens soon at the Leathbridge theatre, is taking no chances! Because of the terrifying nature of the program, they are insuring the sanity of every patron who enters the theatre. Anyone who loses his mind as a direct result of viewing this avalanche of grisly horror will receive free psychiatric care, or be placed, at the producer’s expense, in an asylum for the rest of his natural life! Everyone who attends a showing of ORGY OF THE LIVING DEAD is advised to take advantage of this unique protection. The insurance forms will be provided, free of charge, at the theatre boxoffice.

It’s no wonder that Europix-International Ltd. has seen fit to make this extraordinary offer when you stop to consider the pulse-pounding content of the three features that make up this gruesome, all-color program, which includes REVENGE OF THE LIVING DEAD; Mario Bava’s CURSE OF THE LIVING DEAD and FANGS OF THE LIVING DEAD starring International sex-star ANITA EKBERG – for here you will find your deadliest nightmares brought to vivid, startling life as blood-mad vampires pursue their helpless prey; as a homicidal maniac slashes away at the throats of innocent victims; as strange, distorted monsters prowl the corridors of a hospital, rending, stabbing, strangling; as the living dead return from the blackness of their defiled graves to enact an ancient curse on a helpless and terrified humanity!

If you suffer from a nervous condition, or psychiatric problems which can be activated bu exposure to fear, shock and horror, Europix-International Ltd., in conjunction with the Leathbridge theatre, strongly advise you to take advantage of this incredible insurance policy before seeing ORGY OF THE LIVING DEAD!

[This post is based around a prepared article included in the pressbook for the “Orgy of the Living Dead” triple feature. With the exception of adding a theater name in order to mimic how this would have looked in an old newspaper, the article has been unchanged. You can learn more about the promotion here. You can also read the original pressbook and see what the insurance certificate looks like!]

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