It’s Time For The Rondo Awards!

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Voting for the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards has began and we’re proud to say that Gravedigger’s Local 16 and Six Foot Plus were nominated as “Best Blog or Online Column of 2014” and “Best Multimedia (Podcast or Streaming) 2014” respectively. Given his participation in Six Foot Plus, it was also great to see Dr. Gangrene nominated in categories like “Best Magazine Column” and “Favorite Horror Host of 2014.”

Since Monstermatt Patterson and Tammy and Junior from Twisted Central have also made contributions to the show, we hope you write in Twisted Central as “Best Website” and Monstermatt Patterson would be a great choice for “Linda Miller Fan Artist Of The Year.”

We hope you keep the above suggestions in mind when you submit your ballot via email (with your name included so that your vote is counted). You can vote for as many or as little categories as you want, so please check out all of the other great categories. As much as we want you to vote for us, we want you to vote for others as well. Voting ends Sunday at midnight (April 19), so don’t delay!

To reiterate, here’s our suggested voting guide:

Category 16. Best Magazine Column – The Doctor Is In-Sane, by Dr. Gangrene, SCARY MONSTERS
Category 18. Best Website – Twisted Central
Category 19. Best Blog or Online Column of 2014 – Gravedigger’s Local 16
Category 23. Best Multimedia (Podcast or Streaming) of 2014 – Six Foot Plus
Category 24. Favorite Horror Host of 2014 – Dr. Gangrene
Category 31. Linda Miller Fan Artist of the Year – Monstermatt Patterson

You can find the ballot (and voting instructions) at the official Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards website.

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