Ghost Busted II

Given all the little tricks bargain bin labels do when they try to convince people they are buying anything but cover songs, I have always been amazed none of them ever tried licensing something from Filmation for a Halloween compilation. That way they could promote not having a cover and having the original “theme from the live action classic” or “cartoon favorite” without it being a complete load of nonsense. Would it really be any less of a disappointment than some crappy cover of the movie’s theme song?

If you are not familiar with The Ghost Busters or its animated sequel Filmation’s Ghostbusters, I suggest heading over to Wikipedia. That way you can have something to read as you experience the golden pipes of Larry Storch and Forrest Tucker thanks to michael lewis:

For those seeking the animated version’s theme, SargeantStuart comes to the rescue:

Yes, this is the reason the animated series based on the Ivan Reitman movie is called The Real Ghostbusters. They really were that upset over this coming out first.

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