Grim Reaper Drone Prank

Comedian Tom Mabe came up with a great idea for a prank: Get a hexacopter drone, hang a Grim Reaper decoration under it using a generous amount of fishing line and then send it after people in a park! You can see the hilarious results yourself thanks to his MabeInAmerica channel:

He also did another spooky prank video which includes a look at how the effect was accomplished. I suspect this might have been due to the sheer number of people who thought the first prank involved putting a costume over a drone and flying it. Trust me, you don’t want to try that method.

My mind is reeling at the possibilities for this kind of thing at outdoor haunted attractions. Having a ghost come flying out of the woods would be a great scare. The issue would be keeping their eyes glued to the ghost and not looking for its method of locomotion. Hiding the sound of the drone using music or sound effects would be easy. Finding a way to make it retreat in a way which seems natural and doesn’t involve passing over the patrons would be a bit more difficult. The last thing you need is for the drone to malfunction and crash onto someone. The air regulations I mentioned the last time I pitched something like this could also be a factor. But I do hope someone figures out how to make this a reality. The effect is just too cool to pass up.

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