It Came From Wikipedia VIII

Have you ever wondered why Chris Sarandon’s vampire character in Fright Night is sometimes seen eating apples? It’s because he decided his character liked to cleanse his palate and had some fruit bat DNA!

The history of glow sticks is very fascinating. I am surprised how they neglected to mention how unused glow sticks have a longer shelf life if you don’t remove them from their foil wrapper.

I don’t know what is more surprising: the fact “Thriller” wasn’t written by Michael Jackson or how it originally had very little to do with horror movies! For more Jackson horror goodies, there’s the entry on the famous Thriller jacket and his work on the theme for Ben.

TerrorVision isn’t just an 80’s horror movie about an alien trapped in a television. It’s also the name of the shortest and cheapest television horror anthology series to date! Given how each episode was only 10 minutes long, it’s incredible how they didn’t try releasing it as a movie edit under a new name.

The twisted tale of how (and why) Lisa and the Devil eventually became The House of Exorcism for its American release is only slightly less bizarre than the plot of the film.

In addition to appearing in John Carpenter’s Prince of Darkness as a homeless man, Alice Cooper also provided a song and one of the devices from his stage shows for use in the movie.

At one point during the creation of House of 1000 Corpses, the character of Dr. Satan was going to be revealed as an urban legend made up by the Firefly family to bring new victims to them. Similarly, it is believed Paul Naschy’s supposedly lost film Las Noches del Hombre Lobo is something he made up to pad out his résumé. Speaking of urban legends, let’s read up on the Devil’s Chair. You just might have one in your area!

The chronology of the original Omen film series is very…troubled. Either that or Damien Thorn had some major growth spurts.

According to the article on the podcast No Such Thing as a Fish, the version of Godzilla seen in Legendary pictures’ movie would urinate 12.9 million gallons each day if it actually existed. We can also read up on Bambi Meets Godzilla, Godzilla in pop culture and learn about all of the fictional locations in the Godzilla franchise.

Finally, you can have fun wasting time by reading the massive list of natural horror films, the only slightly less massive list of Cthulhu Mythos anthologies and learn all about chainsaws in popular culture.

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