Mad Science Gone Wrong

The creation of a video segment to use during part of a haunted house is nothing new. But what sets the subject of today’s article apart from the rest is its rather unique take on the matter. Rather than do a dead serious video, the people behind Shriners Haunted Mansion decided to go the intentionally bad route! Thanks to the attraction’s founder TimothyDrake (who also worked on the video), you can now see what was previously only screened for patrons just before they entered a haunted lab scene:

This was a very clever idea, as making visitors laugh will calm them down enough to make the next scare twice as effective when they reach it. The description for this notes how this was made in forty minutes and how it was inspired by the works of Ed Wood. If you took away the plasma dome and reference to DNA, you probably could convince someone this was one of Wood’s lost films! Sadly the haunted mansion seems to be closed for good and I doubt we’ll ever see anything like this in the haunt industry ever again. Thankfully, Mr. Drake still works as a magician and has posted numerous article about the history of the attraction at his official website. Hopefully he’ll have more spooky surprises for us in the future.

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