Music to Haunt By and Sounds to Scare By: The Return

There’s so much going on in the world of spooky ambient music. Nox Arcana just unleashed Gothic and Darkmood is currently hard at work on When Time Ends (which will feature a more “cinematic” feel). Midnight Syndicate is preparing to release a Christmas album while Grave Tone Productions is also hard at work on new material and have recently released “Jack the Jack O’ Lantern.” While not scary, its overall “children’s record” feel is rather charming. Dulcet Jones is also working on a new album and his single “Psychotica Fraidicus” is an interesting promise of things to come. Virgil Franklin is also back with his new release Halloween. I would also like to announce my upcoming change of style in my haunt music reviews! Longtime readers will remember how I make sure to include plenty of tips and suggestions for using certain tracks in haunted attractions, along with plenty of links illustrating what I mean. But after sharing a few brief tips on using music from Midnight Syndicate’s Axe Giant: The Wrath of Paul Bunyan soundtrack in haunted houses, I noticed it got far more hits than any “Music to Haunt By” article. In fact, people were spending more time reading it than they did for those articles! So now my reviews will focusing more on the music and have less links. I’m also trying to apply this method to my regular articles as well. So while you wait for the next crop of reviews, check out what last year had to offer:

Music to Haunt By: The Return
Music to Haunt By: Music For Haunts
Music to Haunt By: Dulcet Jones
Music to Haunt By: Atrium Carceri
Music to Haunt By: Spine Chillers
Music to Haunt By: Halloween Music Collection
Music to Haunt By: Virgil Franklin
Music to Haunt By: The Dead of Fall
Music to Haunt By: The Dead Matter: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

But that’s not all! Scary Visions and Sinful Audio have teamed up to provide some tips on using sounds in haunted attractions and the Textiles are offering a special download of one of the tracks they put together for a college haunted house. It’s a bit unconventional, but I can easily see it working in a boiler room scene or steampunk haunt. If you want something really unconventional you can snag Jack Hertz’s “Halloween Drones.” I recommend turning the volume down low enough so people can hear it, but can’t make out exactly what it is. Especially if you play it in a dark room or hallway.

UPDATE: The Textiles’ download is now gone. You can (as of this writing) still stream it at their official SoundCloud page.

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