Scary Saint Patrick’s Day Fun

Do you live in or near Plano, Texas? If so, you desperately need to look into attending “Saint Patrick’s Slay” at the Dark Hour Haunted House (or at least pick up one of their shirts commemorating the event).

If you want to learn more about the world of Irish horror, the Spooky Isles and Emerald Gore Society have you covered. Speaking of covers, check out the one on Artisans d’Azure’s Celtic Grimoire prop!

Getting back to the subject of films, it would be nice if more horror sites celebrated St. Patty’s Day with something other than reviews of the films from the Leprechaun franchise. If you absolutely had to review something with leprechauns, why not try Red Clover on for size? Dementia 13 could also be fun, especially if you look into its old promotional materials as well. But Dementia 13 isn’t the only horror film made in Ireland with a Roger Corman connection. He set up a production studio in Galway, Ireland and made numerous films from 1996-2002. Some of these films were horror movies, such as Knocking on Death’s Door and Spectre (which was actually set in its country of origin). There’s actually a documentary about the studio and how it effected the Irish film industry as a whole called It Came From Connemara which has yet to receive a US home video release at this time. Which is a shame, especially since the trailer posted by Galway Film Fleadh looks especially interesting:

But Corman isn’t the only horror legend with a connection to Irish cinema! Although best known for her appearances in countless Italian horror movies, actress Geretta Geretta has also done work in the Emerald Isle.

Are you sick of hearing the same kinds of music at every Saint Patrick’s Day celebration you attend? Esoteric Visions (formerly Tribal Gothic) has an amazing free musical download that’s sure to shake things up! Speaking of free downloads, Boffo Yux Dudes have an amusing look at what would happen if Alfred Hitchcock gave advice on celebrating this special occasion.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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