Howie’s Haunted Halloween Nightmare

Remember that cartoon from a few years back that parts of the internet were raving about? The one with animation which payed homage to the style popularized in the 30’s? No, not Over the Garden Wall. The title of this article should have been a dead giveaway to what I’m talking about. All kidding aside, I completely missed out on showing you all Howie’s Haunted Halloween Nightmare and it’s high time I made things right. So here it is, direct from Ethan Black:

Mr. Black created this as part of a school project and took him eight months to complete! But he didn’t just copy the animation style of classic cartoons and call it a day. The setup, gags and ending will please any animation aficionado familiar with the cartoons of the period. It even went the extra mile of being based around a (then) popular song. In this case, it’s “Bogey Wail” by Jack Hylton and His Orchestra.

Happy Halloween!

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