It Came From Amazon VIII

Diamond Select has finally addressed your pressing need for Creature from the Black Lagoon ice cubes.

Something tells me this VHS release of the second “Blind Dead” movie got very popular after the release of a certain 1981 horror movie starring Bruce Campbell. For the record, this film was using the term “Evil Dead” in its title long before Raimi ever did.

Many horror fans are aware that there used be an official Fright Night comic book. What they might not know is just how far it drifted from the source material. I don’t remember alien warriors or brain-sucking bats in the movies, do you?

I may love Shipyard’s pumpkin ale, but not enough to use soap made with it.

The existence of King Kong checkers baffles me. But vinyl figures of Kong and the Tyrannosaurus rex from the original film painted to match their monochrome screen appearance? Those make complete sense.

Did you miss out on snagging Mego’s “Mad Monster Castle” playset? Considering how rare it was, that description probably fits the bulk of you reading this. Then do I have some good news for you!

You have to love how the makers of this bucket of toy dinosaur skeletons decided to throw in some haunted forest accessories. I know they’re skeletons, but it does seem like a bit of a stretch.

A licensed Freddy Krueger toaster. I guess that makes a little more sense than the Godzilla pizza cutter.

Speaking of the Big G, fans of the “Micronauts” toys should be especially interested in these Godzilla and Gamera toys. Godzilla fans might be interested in this album covering many of Akira Ifukube’s compositions, including his Godzilla cues and music which never appeared in any kaiju films.

Vinyl snobs rejoice! The original Tales from the Crypt “Crypt Jam” single is available on Amazon! Speaking of the Crypt Keeper, you have to wonder why the people who released this particular DVD release of Tales from the Cryptkeeper opted not to include the star of the show on the packaging.

If you ever wondered what The Pit would have been like before the people behind it decided to muck around with the script, just pick up a copy of the novelization. Similarly, The Cry of Cthulhu is a novelization of the script of a Lovecraft movie which never got made due to budgetary issues. It’s a real shame, as the preview is a great read and the story would have been amazing to see on the big screen. It’s part of a planned series of five novels, the second of which is Shoggoth (which is also based on an unfilmed script).

Speaking of novelizations, the one for The Dark features an undead killer rather than the alien monster seen in the film. But this was not actually the original plan for the movie! According to the film’s DVD commentary, the original idea was for the killings to be committed by a crazed human murderer. And get this: the novel version of Brain Damage was written by the original editor of Fangoria!

It’s a shame the Amazon listing for Marc Cerasini’s Godzilla and the Lost Continent only shows the cover art and doesn’t offer any copies of this unpublished Godzilla novel. I really had my hopes up after finding a listing for one of the rare “Godzilla: Doom Island” toys.

While I’m plugging books, I might as well include the newest book from our very own Monstermatt Patterson.

Making a shockumentary to cash in on the popularity of the Faces of Death series just wasn’t enough for some people. No, they apparently felt they had to try tricking people into thinking their rip-offs were official installments!

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