It Came From Wikipedia IX

Blood Bath has the most convoluted production history I have ever seen.

I had no idea “twilight zone” is an actual scientific term. If you think that’s interesting, wait until you see the sheer amount of authorized fiction associated with Twilight Zone and the 1994 TV movie Twilight Zone: Rod Serling’s Lost Classics.

Speaking of American horror television series, the movie House of Dark Shadows was originally going to be a feature length edit of several episodes from the series with some new footage thrown in for good measure!

A movie called Zadar! Cow From Hell actually exists. Need I say more?

This is probably going to be old news to some of you, but it’s worth repeating: There’s a movie pitting the ghost from The Ring against the spirit from The Grudge. Oh, and it also turns out Spike Lee did a remake of Ganja & Hess.

How have I gone so long without paying tribute to the legendary “Grave Digger” monster truck?

After you’re done reading up on all the video games based on Jaws, you can learn all about the Jaws board game.

There is a Wikipedia entry for the classic ThrillerVideo line of VHS releases. Awesome!

The story behind the creation of Varan the Unbelievable is truly fascinating. If you ever wondered by Varan is referred to as “Obaki” in it, you have to read this! Speaking of daikaiju, “Snapper” from Transformers: Beast Wars has a Gamera connection!

Wikipedia has lots of lists to browse through. In addition to the list of horror films, there’s also a category devoted to American horror films, a list of horror films by year, a list of films considered the worst and all the movies made by Full Moon.

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