TGIF13 VII: Jason Burgers

Remember the “2 for 1 Burger Sale” scene from Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday with those hockey mask hamburger patties? I tried making one on two separate occasions and my patties always broke apart when I tried flipping them over! Maybe this was why the movie only showed them prior to their being cooked? To find out, I searched to see how others fared in making their own Jason Voorhees burgers.

ThisMayOrMayNotBeSatire made a veggie burger with the cheese and toppings forming the iconic mask:

Similarly, Nightmare Nerd tried another method of making a cheese mask on a bison burger:

But only MovieNerdSports tried to make a mask-shaped hamburger patty like they did in the movie:

He doesn’t show the finished product, but claims it doesn’t look as good once you cook it. This claim is backed by the cooking footage, so I’m not going to automatically assume his patty broke like mine did. Hopefully he’ll try again in the future so this can be determined once and for all.

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