Record Store Day Is Coming!

Record Store Day is scheduled for April 22nd this year and there’s plenty of interesting stuff to be found in the 2017 selection. There a vinyl releases for the soundtracks to The Dark Crystal, Blade Runner, Star Wars: A New Hope, and even a reissue of the audio adventure Doctor Who and the Pescatons with bonus sound effects tracks! That Doctor Who story is also by the man responsible for The Slide, so there’s an additional reason for GdL16 readers to be interested. Even the regional releases have cool stuff like Lost in Space: Title Themes from Irwin Allen’s Hit TV Series and White Zombie’s Gods on Voodoo Moon on vinyl. Don’t forget, this is only a small taste of all the releases available on the big day!

You might have noticed how Record Store Day isn’t on the 15th like those familiar with the event would normally expect. According to the official Record Store Day Facebook page, this was due to the 15th falling on a weekend associated with Easter and travel in many countries and the event should go back to its normal schedule. While you’re there, don’t forget to check out a handy hint about saving money!

You can learn much more about Record Store Day at its official website, which has everything from the full list of Record Store Day releases to a list of all of the participating stores. Gravedigger’s Local 16 will be celebrating with our own unofficial (in addition to being unauthorized and unsanctioned) selection of freebies and vinyl LPs you can pick up once you get back from your local store. So make sure to come back here once you get back from your local record store!

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