Tricks and Treats VIII

Want to make your own “Electric Jack O’Lantern” for Halloween? As you can see, it’s all too easy!

William J. Le Petomane is offering downloads of “Johann Sebastian Bunsen Burner (in D minor)” and “I Lost My Heart and Soul (at the Monster’s Ball)” on a “Name Your Price” basis. But act quickly, because this is a limited time deal!

We can learn how to make “Halloween Shirts,” “Pumpkin Puffy Paint,” “Halloween Owls,” “Ghost Windsocks,” “Moving Spirits” and “Wooden Spoon Scarecrows” (among many other activities) thanks to Google Books.

In Napkins with a Twist: Fabulous Folds with Flair for Every Occasion, David Stark shows how to decorate a table for Halloween. He also provides a tutorial on making napkin ghosts to put on said table. Similarly, Chris Kullstroem provides Halloween decorating tips and a coffin tutorial in Making a Monstrous Halloween: Themed Parties, Activities and Events.

Ralph Masiello has some great advice about drawing a skeleton. Those who prefer their artwork in pumpkin form will definitely enjoy the selection of free pumpkin carving stencils available at Orange and Black Pumpkins.

Halloween Forum shows how easy it is to make things like a grandfather clock, fireplace and a haunted radio out of cardboard and other inexpensive items. They might not always be full tutorials, but they all get the basic idea across when it comes to how to make one.

Other great Halloween projects include “Decorative “Stone” Columns,” a “Halloween Garland,” “Floating Witch Hat Luminaries,” and “Glowing Eyes.” I’ve made this kind of glowing eyes before and I recommend using cardboard tubes from paper towel rolls. Stuffing the ends with wads of newspaper after inserting the glow stick helps keep light from spilling out of the sides. Darkening the eye area with a black marker or paint also helps the illusion.

Speaking of photos you need to check out, I found an amazing Flickr gallery of rare and unreleased Trendmasters toys, including numerous Halloween decorations and monster action figures!

Dracula: Lord of the Vampires is a theatrical production that’s both great for the Halloween season and available for royalty free use! You can contact the author for further details.

Halloween Comic Fest is a festive spin-off of Free Comic Book Day which happens every October. Not only can you score free comics at participating stores, but you can also purchase packages of miniature comic books to hand out on Halloween. It’s perfect for those participating in the Teal Pumpkin Project to help children with food allergies have wonderful Halloweens!

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