The GdL16 Chanukkah Flashback

Finding Chanukkah-related horror stuff is hard. Thankfully we managed to come up with enough material on the subject to match up with each day of the Festival of Lights! So think of this article as the 9th candle (also known as the shamash candle) on the menorah formed by these eight crazy frights:

Cybernetic Ghost of Chanukkah Past from the Future
Stone Golem
Bubbe’s Hannah Cat (Hanukkat)
Happy Chanukkill!
Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
Hanukkah Horror

But this doesn’t mean we won’t ever do any more updates on the subject. If we ever find more material, you had better believe we’ll post more installments. But you can still enjoy the Chanukkah music in each year’s holiday episode(s) of our podcast until that time comes!

Happy Chanukkah!

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