It’s Time For Podcast Land’s “Podcast Of The Month” Award!

Podcast Land has a monthly award for best podcast and we think Six Foot Plus has what it takes to win the May 2018 award. If you feel the same way, just head over to our listing at Podcast Land, enter your email address into the field, and press the vote button. It’s really just that easy!

If we get at least 5 votes, then Six Foot Plus will also be included in the rotation for the “Another Great Podcast” sidebar. So the podcast will still get some extra publicity even if we don’t win! Do you really need any more incentive to vote (and get the word out)?

Please visit Podcast Land to learn more about the rules for “Podcast Of The Month” and “Another Great Podcast.”

UPDATE: Podcastland’s voting area went dead a few days after this was posted and still doesn’t seem to be working as of 6/11/18. We did get enough votes to get onto the “Another Great Podcast” sidebar (which vanished along with the podcasts you could vote on) and even made it into the top 5 prior to that happening! So if you voted, you have our thanks even if no winner was ever determined! Thankfully Podcast’s voting section and “Another Great Podcast” sidebar were working again when we checked it on 9/26/18.

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