Tricks and Treats IX

If the above lantern strikes your fancy, you can learn how to make one in Volume 14 of School Arts magazine. While we’re on the subject of vintage reading material, let’s check out The Anchora of Delta Gamma to learn about a haunted attraction from 1968 called the “Mystic Mansion.”

The October 1985 issue of Boys’ Life has an interesting interview with Garfield (and Jim Davis) which foreshadows the events of Garfield’s Halloween Adventure without actually mentioning the special by name!

The name “Zioptis Foundation” might be familiar to those of you who read last year’s collection of links to haunted attraction review websites. But what you probably didn’t know is how that particular haunt reviewer has a free “Dial-A-Trip” phone number which gives bizarre messages to callers! You can learn more about the phone number’s long history at the Zioptis DeviantArt page.

Dr. TerrorEyes has loads of great stuff available on his Facebook page, with everything from informative lectures he’s given at haunted attraction conventions to prop ideas!

Danny Seo’s Upcycling Celebrations has some great instructions on how to turn burnt-out floodlight bulbs into potion bottles. This is a huge boon to haunters who use such lights in their displays. The only problem is how the online version doesn’t have any pictures. Thankfully Organized31 does!

Sew a Modern Halloween: Make 15 Spooky Projects for Your Home by Riel Nason shows how to make a fabric “Scrappy Jack block” which can be used to make festive quilts and pillows.

Melody Hall’s Ultimate Halloween has instructions for a “Batty Clothespin Bat Pin,” “Goofy Gourds Centerpiece Baskets” and decorating your cubicle at work for Halloween. People of all ages can enjoy making the “Paper Bag Pumpkin” from The Toddler’s Busy Book by Trish Kuffner.

Do you have any spare egg cartons? If so, How To Make Your Own Spooky Halloween Crafts by Jeannine Hill will show you how to make bats and spiders out of said cartons. She also discusses how to make ghosts using your choice of balloons or trash bags.

Speaking of ghosts, Mary Meinking’s Spooky Haunted House: DIY Cobwebs, Coffins, and More demonstrates how to make “Glowing Ghosts” you can hang from the ceiling and I Love Halloween shows how a tomato cage can be used to make a different kind of glowing ghost.

Some “Bone Candlesticks” would be a great match for creepy homemade candles. Those who prefer to avoid open flames should enjoy creating an “EEK Wreath” or one of these other Halloween projects.

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