Merry Christmas from Chiron Beta Prime

One interesting result of Jonathan Coulton releasing so much music under a Creative Commons license is the sheer number of music videos created by fans. So naturally I decided to share two different videos for his seasonal sci-fi song, “Chiron Beta Prime.”

The first fan creation is from the Jonathan Coulton Project, a fan-made “video podcast” devoted to creating music videos for various Coulton tracks. It was originally a Flash animation by Tom Ellsworth, but can now be found on YouTube thanks to the official Jonathan Coulton Project channel:

Our next selection is a World of Warcraft machinima made by Mike “Spiff” Booth, whose works were popular enough to get him invited Blizzard Entertainment’s annual gaming convention! It’s available thanks to the official spiffworld channel:

The subplot he created to go with the song’s instrumental interlude is especially twisted once you consider how it ties into the pie mentioned later in the song! But that’s only one of the reasons this video stands out to me. It holds a special place in my heart due to my watching it being my first exposure to both “Chiron Beta Prime” and Coulton’s “Christmas is Interesting.” The bearded “Human Hunter” game character used to represent the singer in this was also used to portray Jonathan Coulton himself in the machinima for “Podsafe Christmas Song,” which has made it impossible for me to watch the “Make Love, Not Warcraft” episode of South Park without making Coulton references whenever that character appears. You can find free downloads of all three Coulton Christmas classics in my 2014 installment of the “Christma(dnes)s” article series. Consider it my (re)gift to you. you can enjoy them while reading the alternate lyrics for “Chiron Beta Prime.”

Merry Christmas!

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