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Donovan’s Brain

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs ! The fine folks at Gravedigger’s Local  have enlisted me to terrorize, I mean, entertain you as we look at Don Ho ‘s Brain. Wait a second, there’s a smudge of jam here on the screen … I meant Donovan ‘s Brain. (Note to self…no more jam filled donuts near the screen.) …

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Monstermatt Patterson: Video Store Clerk

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!!!! It is I, Monstermatt Patterson! Gravedigger’s Local brought me here to annoy, I mean,entertain you. (Umm…that’s the problem.Me and entertain don’t really go together,so I’m told.By my agent!!) Anyways,I think you’ll dig what I’m about to share, here. Some of you, might of had the same experiences,so you’d defintely be able to …

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