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It’s Free RPG Day!

Yay, verily!

Yes, today is the day when gaming stores all over the US (and other countries) are giving away free RPG adventures and other useful role-playing items. In fact, you can find out what retailers in your area are participating by visiting the official Free RPG Day website. As was the case last year, we’re offering …

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Free RPG Day Is Coming!

That’s right, Free RPG Day is just around the corner. The 6th annual installment is scheduled for June 16 and we highly recommend that you consider getting involved, whether you’re already a gamer or are interested in just trying things out to see if gaming would be your thing. There’s plenty of stuff to appeal …

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It’s Free Comic Book Day!

At long last, it’s Free Comic Book Day! But although all the free stuff is great, it’s not what makes the holiday so important. Instead, it’s spreading the word about both comic books and comic book stores. It’s been said here before and I’ll say it again: Comic book stores are an invaluable resource for …

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Free (Legal) Download: The Tunnel


Back when the “Free (Legal) Download” series was first started, none of the staff had any idea that it would actually turn out to be a series. While the first two installments were devoted to movies that are only available online, the subject of this installment is a much different story. For you see, The …

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More Free Horror Movie Commentaries

It’s been quite some time since I last offered some links to free horror movie commentaries here. Thankfully, I’ve since found several more free commentaries to make up for it. Although these are all completely fan-made (as opposed to the last batch that featured cast and crew members), they’re all still well worth listening to. …

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Spirit Rappings

From the mid-1800’s up until 1920, Spiritualism was a huge movement in the United States. Although it was similar to other monotheistic religions in that it said there was only one God, Spiritualism differed in its belief that all necessary knowledge came not from any scared texts, but from communication with spirits! Its support for …

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Free RPG Day is Here!

That’s right, today’s the day when game stores across the country are giving away free goodies and having special sales! Judging from both the past and current selection of freebies, there’s plenty of stuff that should be of interest to horror fans. If the stuff shown here aren’t enough to convince you to head out …

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Free RPG Day is Coming!

With June comes the last of the “free goodies” retail holiday that may be of interest to our readers: Free RPG Day. So if you’re interested in gaming, clear some time in your schedule for June 18th!

It’s Record Store Day!

Although Weird Jon has explained Record Store Day in detail before, here’s a brief summary: On the third Saturday in April, select independent record stores give away free goodies and sometimes even host live performances in order to increase awareness of their existence. Those who have listened to the first episode of our podcast may …

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Record Store Day is Coming!

That’s right, this Saturday (April 16th) marks the fourth annual Record Store Day! So mark those calendars and clear those schedules, because you definitely don’t want to miss this. We’ll have more info posted on the big day.

Fear For Your Ears

As longtime readers know, I’ve developed a taste for audio dramas. So much so that I’ve started scouring the internet for ones that are available for free (legally, of course). I’ve built up such a large list of both free horror audio dramas and audio books that I thought it best to share it with …

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Free (Legal) Download: Werewolf Cult Chronicles

It’s been a long time since the Front Office showed how to get a free download of the movie Pig. Too long, in fact. That’s why I’m stepping up to the plate with another free movie download. This time around, it’s an interconnected series of short films called The Werewolf Cult Chronicles. Although filmed in …

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What a (Pumpkin) Carve Up!

Ah, the soft, eerie glow of a lit Jack O’Lantern on Halloween night. What could be better? To help further this grand Halloween tradition, we here at Gravedigger’s Local 16 have compiled a list of helpful pumpkin carving-related links. So if you’ve exhausted your ideas for pumpkin faces, really want to dominate the next pumpkin …

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Free RPG Day Is Here!

The Local has covered Record Store Day, Free Comic Book Day, and is now spotlighting Free RPG Day. Free RPG Day was started in 2007 with the intention of promoting role-playing games to those with little-to-no experience in such matters. To do so, participating stores give out free adventures and “Quick Start Rules” to customers. …

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Free RPG Day Is Coming!

Don’t forget, Free RPG Day is on June 19th this year! So whether you’re a horror fan that already plays RPGs or are just interested in starting, mark your calendars and get ready for free role-playing game goodies!

Free (Legal) Download: Pig

Squeal like a...

Everyone seems to be offering free downloads lately. Rue Morgue has a free music album, Orbit Books and both have free wallpaper, and Yog-Sothoth has a monthly free download! So it should come as no surprise that we want in on that action. Some of you might remember how Adam Mason’s mostly one-take gorefest, …

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