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Redneck Dracula

Elmo Shropshire (aka Dr. Elmo), the man who inflicted “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer” upon the world, seems to have milked Christmas dry and set his sights on Halloween. Sadly, this seems to be a growing trend among those who specialize in Christmas music. Originally appearing as a song on his 2005 “Sings …

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Left for Dead

The Independents Getting away from the surf for a quick update, here are the Independents. They’re going to release a new album next week. Hit up your local independent music store if you got one. If you don’t, buy it from them direct (decent package deal. Twenty-five bucks gets you a CD, a shirt, and …

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Night of the Living: The Crimson Ghosts

sts The Crimson Gho Some Kinda Hits, Necro-Tone Records 1999(?) Earth E.P, Necro-Tone Records 2008 Out of Massachusetts comes The Crimson Ghosts, a band that plays instrumental surf renditions of Misfits songs. If you share my worldview, those quantifying elements alone should get an automatic ‘thumbs up’ and an enthusiastic cry of ‘Holy shit, …

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They Secrete, We Suck

The Secretions Probably one of the best punk bands around today is The Secretions from out of Sacremento. Self-describing their sound as music “in the key of the Ramones,’ the Secretions have a few songs that should pop up on your Halloween mix when you get tired of the ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Everyday is Halloween.’ …

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I’m not going to talk about THAT band… least, not today. But it’s Friday, the first Friday of a great October so far. It’s starting to get cold, Fright Haven has opened up (which I’ll go after the initial rush.) Today is an easy day for the Strange, which is why I’m going to give a double-header of two bands formed after …

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Creepy and Weird

Deadbolt Shrunken Head, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1994 Tiki Man, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1994 Tijuana Hit Squad, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1996 Zulu Death Mask, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1998 Voodoo Trucker, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1999 Hobo Babylon, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2002 Haight Street Hippie Massacre: The Best of Deadbolt, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2003 I Should Have Killed You, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2005 High recommendation. …

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Hang Ten Years – The Ghastly Ones

The Ghastly Ones A-Haunting We’ll Go-Go, Zombie A Go-Go Records 1998 Glows In The Dark All-Plastic Assembly Kit, Ghastly Plastics 2005 Target: Draculon, Ghastly Plastics 2006 Unearthed , Ghastly Plastics 2007 If I’m to kick off a thirty-one day write-up of all the spooky music I like, it’s only fitting I start with The …

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