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Unconventional Carvings

The year was 2008. As Gravedigger’s Local 16 was in its early stages, Strange Jason and I were in constant communication about fodder for the Halloween countdown. So when Jason found out about a contest about making Jack O’Lanterns from things other than pumpkins, we immediately agreed that I had to enter. Originally, I was …

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Make A Mask

Masks and Halloween go together like peanut butter and chocolate. You can theoretically make do with a costume that uses make-up or otherwise doesn’t cover your face, but we all know deep down that masks are more fun. To help spread the Halloween cheer, I’ve compiled the following list of resources for free printable masks: …

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Adios El Día de los Muertos?

As you’ve no doubt surmised from the title, this is going to be an article like “No More Vintage Halloween Insanity.” Although I have just enough material for this entry, it’s looking for and more like I won’t have enough material for any future El Día de los Muertos-related posts (but I will keep looking). …

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More Tricks and Treats

Since I had so much fun putting together my first “Tricks and Treats” article last year, I thought I’d give it another go: Thanks to Hulu, you can watch horror movies like The Blair Witch Project or Raiders of the Living Dead online for free! In addition to his show being syndicated nationwide on Me-TV, …

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Slime Time

When you think of homemade slime, chances are you think of the classic recipe involving cornstarch and water. However, there are numerous other ways to make your own slime: Martin Bridge Blazing Ahead! by Jessica Scott Kerrin and Joseph Kelly has a recipe that uses Gummi Bears as the principal ingredient! Susan Ohanian’s From Pumpkin …

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Free Halloween Coloring Sheets

Whether you’re a parent, babysitter or teacher in need of some seasonal distractions for the little ones, you’ve come to the right place. Coloring sheets are a quick and easy way to keep children occupied so you can get some much needed peace and quiet. All you have to do is visit the following links …

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Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: More Arts & Crafts

Seeing as how last year’s article about making your own Tiki stuff turned out so well, I thought I would revisit the subject this year. If the wooden Tiki idol how-to from last year was not to your satisfaction, then perhaps you should try this article about making a cement Tiki garden idol. What better …

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