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The Art of Horror Movies: An Illustrated History

Zombos says: Very Good A natural follow up to his book, The Art of Horror, Stephen Jones once again provides eye-candy galore in The Art of Horror Movies. As an illustrated history, it is geared to the neophyte, although older horror fans will love the poster art as it claws at their nostalgia-clogged heart strings, …

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Book Review: The Art of Horror An Illustrated History

Zombos Says: Very Good A fine addition to your coffee table or coffin lid, The Art of Horror: An Illustrated History, edited by Stephen Jones, is a horror connoisseur’s choice of movie posters, comic books, paperback and dust jacket art, pulp magazine covers, and ancient and contemporary art that gleefully dwells on the morbid predilections …

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The Return Man (plus Contest)

Zombie, Ohio by  Scott Kenemore was the first real zombie novel I read. Eventually, I will have to read the Max Brooks contributions to the genre, especially with the movie of World War Z coming out.  I think with the Zombie Saturation Horizon reaching critical levels, my aversion of all things Z was more of a …

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