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Freaky Food V

If you want to learn how to assemble your own “Hob-Goblin Cake” like the one above (along with some fortune cakes), be sure to check out Volume 21, Issue 10 of Table Talk. Notice how I said “assemble,” as it’s a guide for decorating a molasses fruit loaf to look like the above image. The …

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Freaky Food IV

That witch looks good enough to eat. And with good reason, as it’s a “Witch Lollipop Doll” from Children’s Occupations by Mrs. Maude Cushing Nash. But it’s not just a lollipop dressed up to look like a witch. It’s actually a edible marshmallow head stuck on the opposite end of a lollipop which has been …

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Freaky Food III

Back when meat wasn’t as readily available as it is today, people would make nut roasts to get by. Such recipes were so popular that Forecast magazine’s directions for making a “Halloween Nut Roast” only told you how to decorate your roast to look like the one shown above and said any nut roast recipe …

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Freaky Food II

Given all the sugary treats which fill our diets during the Halloween season, it’s nice to throw some nutritious stuff into the mix. So why not try making a tasty “Orange Jack-o-Lantern” from American Cookery Volume 24 for your next dessert or snack? Elyse Salpeter also has a wide selection of healthy Halloween treat suggestions. …

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Freaky Food

If the “Halloween Cake” picture above seems like a tasty treat, you can learn how to make your own thanks to the Google Books preview of American Cookery Volume 24. It also has a recipe for “Witches’ Delight,” which has a great name but doesn’t look very spooky. Those who want party snacks which do …

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Still More Ghoulish Goodies

Although Dinosaur Dracula is best known for its humorous pop culture articles, it’s also a great resource for recipes. In addition to the above pictured Apple & Popcorn Uglies, Dinosaur Dracula also has recipes for tasty treats like Freddy Krueger Popcorn, Screamin’ Pumpkin Spice Chips Ahoywiches, Pumpkin Patch Pizza and Fudgy, Spooky Spiders. The Google …

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Even More Ghoulish Goodies

Does the above picture interest you? It’s a “Halloween Salad” and you can make your own using the directions found here. Alternately, The International Confectioner has recipes for a fruit-based “Halloween Salad” and “Pumpkin Nut Pie.” Despite the name Home Needlework Magazine, actually has a lot of recipes in it, like “Apple Jelly” and “Devil’s …

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Haunted Hotsauce: The Return

Earlier, I spoke about and tried half of the bottles included in the package from HauntedHotsauce.com. I spoke of Mortician Mold’s resurrection powers and how Fleshfeast should be a staple of your fridge. They are perfect entries for those who are looking to try hotsauce other than the typically generic brands on the shelf at …

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Haunted Hotsauce Review

After the Undertaker of HauntedHotsauce.com stopped by for his edition of ‘A Handful of Dirt,’ I decided to try out some of the items available at HauntedHotsauce.com. If ever I am to find a wife, have a kid and somehow raise them right that they make it to college, one of the fist bits of …

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The Cramps were in a Cat Food commercial

Or specifically, a target ad featuring a pale H.P. Lovecraft looking motherfucker being stalked by his British Grey shorthair in regards to the deals on Catfood available at Target. Insane. The opening notes were from either “I was a Teenage Werewolf” or their cover of “Rockin’ Bones.”   Edit: Someone put video of it up!

More Ghoulish Goodies

The Google Books preview for Donata Maggipinto and Richard Jung’s Halloween Treats: Recipes and Crafts for the Whole Family has recipes for tasty treats like Ghost-Wiches, Apple Jack-o’-Lanterns, Witch’s Hair and Goblin’s Eyeballs. There’s nothing like a fresh popcorn ball on Halloween. You can make them yourself using the recipe in Eula Mae’s Cajun Kitchen. …

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More Creepy Cocktails (and Ghoulish Goodies)

If you thought that I had covered every type of Halloween-related cocktail and food recipes last year, you are quite mistaken. Here are my latest discoveries: 500 Caribbean Rum Recipes by Barb Mindar has a recipe for Voodoo Juice. The Daily Cocktail by Dalyn Miller and Larry Donovan has a drink called Hammer Horror. They …

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