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Oh I'm not evil, I'm just...good...looking?

We all know the basic story of how one Victor Frankenstein created a monstrous being. Even those who have never seen a Frankenstein movie can easily summarize the story. However, many who go back and read the original novel by Mary Shelley are shocked at what they find. Contrary to what pop culture says, there …

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Strange Trip: FRANKENSTEIN (1931)

Frankenstein IMDB   Seeing Frankenstein is akin to seeing The Godfather, listening to The Beatles or seeing Hamlet on the stage. These are all the pieces of art that you’re TOLD are great that the priority to actually ENGAGE them is diminished. As a mental deviant, the ‘classics’ were always ‘uncool’ to me. The guy …

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Edison’s Frankenstein

Originally debuting as a self-published work in 1996, Edison’s Frankenstein is back in an expanded and updated edition that’s more than double the original’s page count (along with a tie-in DVD-R release of the film). And the timing couldn’t be better, because 2010 marks the 100th anniversary of the original silent Frankenstein film’s release! Author …

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This amazing Frankenberry picture was drawn by Mark Poutenis, creator of the “The Thinking Ape Blues” and these awesome costumes. Special thanks to Mark Poutenis for allowing use of this picture.

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