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Sven Update

Quick news – after contacting FuzzyMemories.TV and Svengoolie, the below link to ‘Svengoolie – It Came From Berwyn!!’ is sort-of-okay. Not to cause any trouble, hurt feelings or lawsuits, the link will be up until November 1st. So you have until Halloween to Trick-or-Treat the link. After that, it’ll come down and you’ll just have …

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It Came from….BERWYN?!!!

(Son of) Svengoolie WCIU- the U! Fuzzy Memories.TV It seemed to lessen a bit, but the Halloween spirit has come back to kick me in the eye socket. With a black eye of live, I’m back to rocking Halloween spirit; seems appropriate, being as we’re two days until the big day. I figured to avoid …

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