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The Order of the Fly

Hailing from San Bernadino Cakifornia, The Order of the Fly makes a brand of horror music that is so unique, that it defies classification. Blending,punk,industrial,goth,electronic,metal and as well as a few other surprises makes them incomparable to any other band out there. With a DIY ethic and drive Lead by vocalist/bassist, Ralphie Repulsive, who also …

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Bradley Tatum It’s a Beautiful World Official Site If thirteen random songs were picked from thirteen random CDs off of the thirteen (in reality, ten) shelves I have in my library, the album compiled together would be, odds on, a good representation of my musical interests. It wouldn’t be a complete picture and the styles …

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Tuesday uEtsy: Vivid Vivka

Vivid Vivka http://www.etsy.com/shop/Vivka Brim digital print red orange yellow black macbre dark goth A lot of weddings had been happening ’round the last month. The climate has turned a bit more agreeable, giving favorable traveling conditions for those out of town relatives to come and join in the joyous festivities. Traveling is what Cort has …

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