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Cold War, Warm Hearts

Messer Chups Official Site MySpace Buy their stuff here. Can’t recall where or when I came into the Messer Chups. It was a chance meeting with an illegal method but since they still have the mystery of international espionage and that sexy, sexy accent, I think it’s appropriate. If you can afford to, don’t go …

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It’s Alive! Frankie Stein and his Ghouls

Frankie Stein and his Ghouls A couple years ago, Scar Stuff introduced me to Frankie Stein and His Ghouls, a band that put out four vinyl releases of instro-horror-surf-frug-goodness that has been in my rotation ever since. A lot of it is really nice late-fifties inspired music meant for people to dance to. Frug. Twist. …

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Give me some light!

Zacherely The first thing taken from Richard Scrivani’s ‘Goodnight, Whatever You Are’ is a sincere appreciation for both the classic horror films of his youth and the television host who made them a little less scary and a little more fun. That admiration is undeniable throughout his chronicle of his life alongside John “Zacherley” Zacherle. …

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Savage and Looney

Screaming Lord Sutch Another well-known unknown to me, David Sutch is in the history books for his political career as well as his music. He featured lo-fi horror show antics, involving making an entrance out of a coffin, alluring female audience members to the front of the stage with a handsome member of his band …

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Half pint of snakebite.

A quick pre-review preview. I’ve noticed that the main problem with with writing a biography, or any non-fiction, is the separation of author from the subject, specifically maintaining that distance so the biography remains impartial and in such, pure. When the author and the subject are intertwined, the bias is unavoidable. It’s impossible for one …

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This Is All

Screamin’ Jay Hawkins “I learned all about roots from living in the forest without no blanket and no food. I learned how to eat certain bark, plants, and flowers, how to get certain stones out of ponds and rivers and make rock soup and how to cure pains and cuts with certain plant – strictly …

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Vintage Halloween Insanity

Here’s a scanned article from a 1934 issue of Modern Mechanix called “Thrills and Chills for your Hallowe’en Party.” Emphasis on “chills,” because there’s no way you could get away with 99% percent of those ideas without getting roped into a personal injury lawsuit.

Go Ask Alice

Alice Cooper Discography here. Next year marks forty-years since the first Alice Cooper album, which makes him a prime candidate to kick off a Blood of Your Father’s theme for a couple of days. Alice Cooper, in music and performance, has been a stalwart of spooky for over four decades. Though, Vincent Price yesterday sort …

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Price To Pay

Vincent Price, that is.

Powered by the Dead: Gein and the Graverobbers

Gein and the Graverobbers http://www.geinandthegraverobbers.com http://www.myspace.com/geinandthegraverobbers Humanoids from the Deep, Necro-Tone Records 2000 Hang Ten, Necro-Tone Records 2001 Songs in the Key of Evil, Necro-Tone Records 2002 Passion of the Anti-Christ, Necro-Tone Records 2005 Gruesome Twosome, Necro-Tone Records 2007 Gein and the Graverobbers found me through MySpace a few years back, right around their ‘Passion …

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Where was I last night?

I was getting my ass kicked by these guys – Dressing up in rubber suits and latex for a living is one thought most extravagant. To consider that this group has been doing it for about twenty-five years is wonderful. Perhaps we can view GWAR as an example of the different attitudes of horror, especially …

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Left for Dead

The Independents Getting away from the surf for a quick update, here are the Independents. They’re going to release a new album next week. Hit up your local independent music store if you got one. If you don’t, buy it from them direct (decent package deal. Twenty-five bucks gets you a CD, a shirt, and …

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Night of the Living: The Crimson Ghosts

sts http://www.myspace.com/crimsonghosts The Crimson Gho Some Kinda Hits, Necro-Tone Records 1999(?) Earth E.P, Necro-Tone Records 2008 Out of Massachusetts comes The Crimson Ghosts, a band that plays instrumental surf renditions of Misfits songs. If you share my worldview, those quantifying elements alone should get an automatic ‘thumbs up’ and an enthusiastic cry of ‘Holy shit, …

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They Secrete, We Suck

The Secretions Probably one of the best punk bands around today is The Secretions from out of Sacremento. Self-describing their sound as music “in the key of the Ramones,’ the Secretions have a few songs that should pop up on your Halloween mix when you get tired of the ‘Monster Mash’ and ‘Everyday is Halloween.’ …

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“Everyday is Saturday, when you’re dead!”

Mr. Deadguy www.MrDeadguy.com www.MySpace.com/MrDeadguy Along with seeing The Ghastly Ones last year, I was privy to witness Mr. Deadguy, as he was the host for the night. Known for his ventriloquism, his songs (he sang ‘The Hearse Song’ as well as his own, ‘Everyday is Saturday (When You’re Dead.)’ ) and his jokes. He’s a …

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Creepy and Weird

Deadbolt http://www.deadboltband.com Shrunken Head, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1994 Tiki Man, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1994 Tijuana Hit Squad, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1996 Zulu Death Mask, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1998 Voodoo Trucker, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 1999 Hobo Babylon, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2002 Haight Street Hippie Massacre: The Best of Deadbolt, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2003 I Should Have Killed You, Cargo/Headhunter Records, 2005 High recommendation. …

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