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Happy Halloween!

From all of us here at Gravedigger’s Local 16, we wish you a Happy Halloween.  Be safe, be spooky.

And here, I just changed my diet.

Got to cut out the fried food, y’know?      

There’s a Trail of Terror in my Lungs

The crap I’ve been coughing up is like an early Peter Jackson movie.

Dead (and Loving it)

Or some of you are, at least. With the Walking Dead pulling in 11 million viewers last night, it might signal that zombies still have some life in them. Ugh. What am I going to do with you, America? Look, I get it. AMC has a decent drama that deals with survivors trying to make …

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Sunday Reading: THE HELMET OF HORROR by Victor Pelevin

Inadvertently, I expanded my horizons when I bought a copy of Victor Pelevin’s The Helmet of Horror, which was due to a few superficial flaws in the consumer culture embedded in both myself and the used bookstore where I purchased the copy. First off, I probably wouldn’t have bought it, or found it at all, …

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Halloween on the Cheap

Paranormal Activity 3 opens next Friday. Are you excited? I’m not. Why? Because I’m tired of derivative content. I’m tired of the news about the multiple Frankenstein movies in production. I’m sick of commercials for Grimm and the subway signs for Once Upon A Time (which is the inspiration for yesterday’s post, since I’m one red sharpie …

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Jason is grouchy

No internet. No update from me. Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat. If you don’t, fuck you. edit: Got internet. Still grouchy.

Strange Trip: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

When I first saw The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I thought it was perfect. It wasn’t perfect in the sense that it was flawless. It was a perfect assembly that worked in thanks to, if not in spire, of its flaws, in its film’s deterioration, the amateur acting and the effects. It didn’t scare me, but …

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Haunted George, BONE HAULER

I have trouble writing about Haunted George. I’ve been meaning to write about him for a while; years, even. I’ve started writing about him at least five times at different intervals over the past twenty-four months. It’s been hard to put the my experience to words; seeing “this is the scariest sounding record I’ve ever …

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The Misfits, “The Devil’s Rain”

  It’s a good horrorpunk album. It’s not a Misfits record.   Not much needs to be said but I said it anyway. You can read it after the break.  

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Sunday Reading: MIDNIGHT MOVIE by Tobe Hooper & Alan Goldsher

Midnight Movie By Tobe Hooper and Alan Goldsher Three Rivers Press Available now on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format  – In Midnight Movie, Tobe Hooper and Alan Goldsher have successfully written a grindhouse novel. There is sex, there is violence, and there is unrepentant excessiveness that sometimes goes without explanation, daring you with its …

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Halloween 2011 Mascot

It’s Friday and things are winding down for the weekend. So here is the Mascot for Halloween 2011: TALLULAH   TALLULAH’s color scheme and general attitude makes her the perfect mascot for this Halloween season. If you have any contenders to the throne, post links in the comments or over at our Facebook page.

Strange Trip: About Town

My plans have deviated. Instead of having a snarky, stream of consciousness review of Critters 2 up today, I’ve decided to take a short trip of my own. I’ve moved recently, leaving Crown Street Cemetery and the rest of New Haven behind. I’m currently situated in Northern Brooklyn until I find a permanent arrangement. Halloween, …

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Stuff your Face on Halloween

As we continue our Halloween Countdown, this is a reminder to join us on Facebook. We usually post and interact with our fans/friends there (if you have any comments about the articles we post, or suggestions for what next we need to do.) You can follow Gravedigger’s Local 16 over at http://www.facebook.com/gravediggerslocal Meanwhile, the page …

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Of Quasi-Men and Vinyl

If you’ve ever listened to a lo-fi band or musician, it’s the lesser quality that adds to the music’s charm. There’s something endearing about feedback or fuzz, something that is lost when the music is smoothed out, de-loused and returned from the dry-cleaners. However, CDs don’t suck. Personally, I prefer digital music. I like CDs …

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Kepi Ghoulie, American Gothic and Hangin’ Out It’s perverse how a divorce can become a footnote on a Wikipedia entry; even worse when it becomes evident that it was the catalyst for a punk band’s break-up. In 2008, one year after the Groovie Ghoulies disbanded, Kepi Ghoulie released two albums that established himself as a solo …

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