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Mangled Leftovers: The Mangled Dead’s 2013 Halloween Set

One of my current favorite bands is The Mangled Dead. I really like their lo-fi attitude to horror punk. They’re one of those bands full of musicians who, if they were to forgo the horror business and write more mainstream songs, I could easily see playing with any of the garage revivalists or fuzz-rockers. I …

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Transylvania-TV Halloween Special

You have until November 1st to watch the following Halloween special. Don’t let the puppets fool you: It’s not for kids. A Vampire gets it on with a Mummy (spoiler alert) and there’s something about pickles and a Pumpkin prince but it’s fun otherwise.    

Halloween Viewing: VAMP (1986)

Everyone takes Halloween as a time to catch up on their scary movie quota. Either someone watches the classics–from the Universal Monsters catalog to the genre-defining slashers of the 80’s–or some not-so-classics. While trying to find something labelled as “comedy” on Netflix, the recommendation for VAMP came up. The image featured Grace Jones with face …

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So THAT’S what happened to the ‘Transylvania Twist.’

Hanging out on twitter, our good friends at ZombiePumpkins.com asked   Anyone know how to do the Transylvania Twist? That’s my favorite line in the Monster Mash song. I want to revive Drac’s dance. — Zombie Pumpkins! (@ZombiePumpkins) October 19, 2013   I sent him a link to a follow-up that Bobby “Boris” Pickett released, …

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Your Costume Makes No Sense

Few regrets this year. I regret not catching Jackson Phibes while he was in New York. I also regret that I missed out on The Nebulas, who I last saw when I caught one of the few East Coast performances of The Ghastly Ones. When I saw the Nebulas, they were decked out in the …

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Halloween Traditions

One of my Halloween Traditions is to basically catch up with Dinosaur Dracula, the site that Matt from X-Entertainment started when he wanted to rebrand his efforts. It’s no surprise that we’re fans of DD here at GdL16, since Matt’s been one of the kings of celebrating the obscure pop culture of the last thirty …

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Be Yourself (Behind A Mask)

At the unofficial kick-off of my Halloween season, I talked with one of the actors of Phantom Creep Theatre, the New York City based horror-hosts whose live shows at Coney Island were the highlight of my first summer as a resident of Gotham. The actor performs as one of the many puppets and costumed characters. …

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Colder Weather

Something non-fatal but just as jarring affected my alter-ego, which delayed the latest 6ftplus episode. My words also disappeared (these are borrowed.) Do something creepy this weekend. I’ll rejuvenate and get back on my feet.

Pay The Rent

If you’re not buying candy for the kids this year, use the spare money to pitch in to a local homeless shelter. October can be cold for some people. When it comes to paying the bills, some people are pretty desperate. Due to some work-related issues, tomorrow’s episode of 6’+ won’t be available until late …

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Epic Vale

(or, how I tried to incorporate the NYCC and Welcome To Night Vale into a pun-title for this post.) One of the more odd yearly October traditions in a city full of celebratory nonsense, the New York City Comic Con kicks off tonight or tomorrow or Friday, depending on what passes you bought. I went last year …

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Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper

In some hushed sects of the population, October is the time of The Feast Of Alice Cooper. Granted, Alice’s heyday of fear might still be back when seeing ballet dancers dressed as zombies and awkward bats would be considered controversial and scary. Still, the man continues to perform to this very day in the name …

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On Halloween

Halloween is the one day of the year where the creeps of the world get to celebrate our creepiness and the rest of the world can just step back and kiss our wart laden asses.- Blag Dahlia     While the origins of Halloween emanate from Celtic pagan celebrations of Samhain mixed with a little bit …

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Preview of the 2013 6’+ Halloween Episode

Because of 6’+, we have to keep an ear open for particular music all year around – specifically Christmas/Hanukkah and Halloween music. And most of the horror-themed bands that we spotlight don’t always do Halloween music. There is also a limited amount of subject matter one can sing about the holiday. So, when we find …

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Getting In The Mood: The Spooky, WE HAVE RISEN

By the time of writing, you can buy copies of this album off of Ebay. The Spooky are a great band. They’re not that active anymore because horror punk bands don’t make any money unless you sound like early AFI or late Misfits. But go and pick up a copy of We Have Risen, because …

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Pick Up The Phone

Do me a favor. Go to www.creepsville.com. Give it a listen. In the meantime, pick up your phone.  

Nobody Tell Danzig About This Place

My head feels like the skull on the left so I’m going to make this quick. Stopped by a local Mom & Pop party/halloween store and yes – they carry the same crap costumes that Spirit Halloween does. Same racist, sexist garbage. And hey have a box of skulls. So while Spirit is the worst …

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