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Music to Haunt By: Nightmare Chronicles

Michael Hedstrom Official Site Nightmare Chronicles, Hedstorm Productions 2014 I think it’s safe to say I have been waiting for Nightmare Chronicles almost as long as Michael Hedstrom has. It was in the works for years and premise of was just too good to miss out on. An album which explores several different horror concepts …

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Music to Haunt By: Michael Hedstrom

Michael Hedstrom Official Site Midnight Circus, Hedstorm Productions 1999 Clive Manor, Hedstorm Productions 2001 Demagogue, Hedstorm Productions 2007 The haunted attraction/Halloween community is just as prone to fads and crazes as everyone else. Asylums, pirates and rednecks are only a few of the theme ideas (be it for a room or the entire haunt) that …

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