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The Monster Channel

Corpse S. Chris of Horror Host Graveyard has been running The Monster Channel for almost a year now. I came across it just recently. It went 24/7 this past January. A lot of public domain and licensed movies, television serials and interesting shows of horror and sci-fi are available for you whenever you want. You’ll …

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Stay Sick! Ghoulardi: Inside Cleveland TV’s Wildest Ride

Ghoulardi Inside Cleveland TV’s Wildest Ride by Tom Feran and R.D. Heldenfels Buy here on Amazon Tom Feran and R.D. Heldenfels book Ghoulardi: Inside Cleveland TV’s Wildest Ride documents how Ernie “Ghoulardi” Anderson, through the Ghoulardi character, captured the imagination and energy of Cleveland the way that a lot of the initial horror hosts did …

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American Scary

American Scary ‘American Scary’ is the documentary from John E. Hudgens and Sandy Clark covering ‘the popular [horror] hosts of the golden age of television.’ Consider it the ‘Greatest Hits’ collection of television’s spooky set – Zacherley, Vampira, Ghoulardi, Marvin, Bob Wilkins. All of your favorites and some of the lesser-knowns come together for this …

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Exhuming Dead Ernest

As you might recall from my last blog post, it’s been rumored that a TBS horror host by the name “Dead Ernest” was actually played by media mogul Ted Turner. I first heard about the rumor from an old issue of Scary Monsters magazine and there are several references to it online. In fact, that …

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