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Bedtime Scaries

An illustration of the classic children’s poem “The Spider and the Fly” made quite an impression on Reggie Oliver when he was younger. But it wasn’t a good one, seeing as how his mother had to destroy it after it gave him so many nightmares. He confronted this bit of childhood trauma years later by …

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The Yellow Wallpaper (& Other Women’s Weird Fiction)

When asked to name horror fiction authors, many people will immediately rattle off a list of men. Today I hope to change things up by sharing a collection of such work by women. I used the term “weird fiction” in this article’s title because some of the stories use elements of horror without being overtly …

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Music to Haunt By: Jeannie Novak

Jeannie Novak Official Site Horrorshow: The Complete Collection, Self-release 2013 Jeannie Novak is a woman of many talents. She writes books, develops video games and is a photographer in addition to her talents as a composer and performer. In fact, she’s been playing since age five and composing since she was twelve years old! She’s …

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