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Music to Haunt By: House of Nightmares

What's worse than going into a haunted house? Going into a radioactive haunted house...

Buzz Works Official Site House of Nightmares, Monolith Graphics 2010 While browsing through the ol’ Google Analytics page, the sheer number of people who read the Nox Arcana and Buzz Works installments of “Music to Haunt By” after searching for “House of Nightmares” convinced me that I simply had to review Buzz Works’ newest release. …

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Music to Haunt By: Buzz Works

Look at his shoulders. He is so doing the dance from "Thriller"

Buzz Works Official Site Zombie Influx, Monolith Graphics 2009 If you read yesterday’s installment about Nox Arcana, you might remember how I teased about another new release of sorts from them. That’s due to their involvement with Buzz Works… Buzz Works’ origins lie in an Ohio-based store of the same name that’s devoted to all …

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