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Phibes For The Memories

Yesterday was Vincent Price’s 101st birthday. So today, we wonder if he’s rolling over in his grave as the year-old news of a remake of The Abominable Dr. Phibes saw some life breathed into it. Maybe Vincent’s birthday had some intrepid monster kid google “Dr. Phibes” and saw the year-old HuffPo article about the rumored collaboration between …

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All Dark, No Depp

Can’t say I’m a big Dark Shadows fan, having been born ten years after it went off the air (and never caught a rerun on SyFy or whoever might have carried it post-mortem) so I have no attachment to the franchise. I watched the first twelve episodes or so about a month or two ago, …

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A silver bullet to the head.

So, Disney got cold feet at the idea of shelling out upwards to a quarter-of-a-billion-dollars in a budget for a movie based off a property that was old back when your parents were young. Yes, The Lone Ranger reboot that had Johnny Depp slated as Tonto. The premise of the Lone Ranger is that six …

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