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Horror Garage

Taken from website: Horrorgarage.com “HORROR GARAGE combines the best in original dark fiction with the finest in horrific rock n’ roll. Think HORROR OF PARTY BEACH, PSYCHOMANIA, and DEATH RACE 2000: B-movie babes, screamin’ skulls, bug-eyed creeps, and gallons of blood. HORROR GARAGE began as a print magazine, of which twelve issues were published. These issues …

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ARCANE Magazine – A Review

ARCANE Magazine http://www.arcanemagazine.com/ Madness would be a primary motivation for anyone looking to involve him or herself in the current day magazine industry, with subscriptions dying and print costs rising. Madness, I might then assume, guides the hand that created ARCANE, a new magazine that identifies itself as “penny dreadfuls for the 21st Century.”  However, …

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