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The Master Mystery

International Patents, Inc. has a pretty good racket going: They buy up the patents from unwary inventors and suppress them. That way, any new inventions that could potentially render products patented by their client corporations obsolete never make it to the market. Naturally, thus makes for a lot of angry inventors and the empty promises …

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No Bones About It: The Boneyard (1991)

ZC Rating 2 of 7: Fair It was a late winter night for us in the cinematorium. Zimba stretched out on the Empire scroll sofa, already snoring away, while I prepared drinks for myself and Zombos. “Make mine a double-espresso with lots of foam,” said Zombos. He stretched out his long legs and slumped in …

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Free (Legal) Download: Swamp Foetus

Like any Halloween enthusiast, I’m a huge fan of Pumpkinrot. I love the creepy, distinctive look of his props and keen eye for setting up (and photographing) great scenes. So when I found out the man behind that website had made a short film, I was ecstatic. Even moreso when I learned it had won …

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Haunted Spooks

Haunted Spooks is the classic story of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets other girl and immediately weds her so she can receive her inheritance, boy gets girl despite her scheming relatives dressing up like ghosts to scare them off. Despite some similarities in subject matter this film has with Buster Keaton’s The …

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The Haunted House


Not to be confused with the 1913 film of the same name, the film I’m discussing is the less obscure 1921 film by Buster Keaton. In it, Keaton plays a bank teller who finds his usual routine of workplace hijinks and pining for the bank president’s daughter interrupted by a bank robbery. Things go from …

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Reel Evil

When would-be filmmakers Kennedy, Cory and James land a job shooting behind-the-scenes footage for a major motion picture, they think they’ve finally gotten the opportunity they need to fund their own project. But as all the bickering on the troubled set pushes them to explore the asylum the movie is being shot at, more and …

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Killjoy Goes To Hell

Burn Juggalo Burn!

To say that Killjoy has had better days would be an understatement. Accused of failing his last mission, the demonic clown has been dragged to the depths of Hell to stand trial. With each successful charge, Killjoy loses one of his many aliases. If found guilty, he’ll loose them all and be erased from existence! …

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Free (Legal) Download: Uncle Josh in a Spooky Hotel

It seems only natural that the Free (Legal) Download series would eventually have to dip into the world of public domain films. Although there have been many instances where copyrighted films were generously made available for free online by the creators, the pool had to diminish at some point. Thankfully, the Library of Congress has …

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The Dead Want Women

I just noticed the file name can be read as "The Dead Want Two Men"...

The year is 1927. Silent film starlet Rose Pettigrew is celebrating the completion of her latest film. During a celebratory orgy with some of her closest celebrity friends, she gets the news that talkies are taking over and her voice has gotten her bounced from all the studios. Instead of doing the smart thing and …

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Free (Legal) Download: The Tunnel


Back when the “Free (Legal) Download” series was first started, none of the staff had any idea that it would actually turn out to be a series. While the first two installments were devoted to movies that are only available online, the subject of this installment is a much different story. For you see, The …

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Mothra Madness


Mothra is actually based on a serialized Japanese novel called The Luminous Fairies and Mothra. Mothra was supposed to battle the unused monster Bagan in a never-realized 1990 film called Mothra vs Bagan. Elements of that script, along with the similarly never made Godzilla vs Gigamoth, were utilized in the 90’s version of Godzilla vs. …

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