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He’s The Boogeyman…and He’s Comin’ to Getcha!

I’ve followed professional wrestling for more years than I’d like to admit, and there have been some “spooky” wrestling gimmicks over the years.  Recently, I’ve been thinking about terrible wrestlers with terrific gimmicks.  What better place to start than with The Boogeyman? The Boogeyman is actually Marty Wright.  Hardcore WWE followers remember Wright as the …

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Ken’s Dead

Confession time: I like pro-wrestling. There. It’s off my chest. I like the spectacle, the goofy convoluted story-lines and mainly the acrobatics. Lucha Libre like CMLL. Indy wrestling in particular, like Chikara, PWG, ISW or DDT and Triple6 from Japan. Also, video games. Used to like them, not terribly alot but enough to head over …

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