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Up Hi? Down low: The Aquabats and growing old.

You’re getting old. Does that scare the hell out of you? It drives Mr. Fallingard to stay up at night. I haven’t lost any sleep over it but I did lose something. You see, there isn’t a lot of music that I avoid. Yes, there are some genres I don’t like. I find that’s an …

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Bad Whoremoans, BAD WHOREMOANS

Bad Whoremoans Bad Whoremoans I avoided certain genres of music for a while because after one or two attempts to get into them, the handful of bands I optioned all sounded the same. Psychobilly was this to me for a while – I just could not get into it because everyone I listened to was …

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The Problem with Frankenchrist

Young kids: If you ever want to get into the Dead Kennedys, you only need to pick up their first two full-lengths, the IN GOD WE TRUST INC. EP, the GIVE ME CONVIENCE compilation and, if you’re a big fan, the LIVE AT THE DEATH CLUB release.  Pretend that the band broke up in 1986 …

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A Handful of Dirt: Michelle of Go Kat Go! Radio

  A Handful of Dirt asks a person five questions they wouldn’t normally expect or receive in any other credible interview. In consulting the Serendipiter Bag o’InquiryTM, we pose a series of questions to come up with a bit of knowledge unknown before – a handful of dirt.   We will let the subject of …

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Zombie Surf Camp, ‘Zombie Surf Camp’

Zombie Surf Camp Zombie Surf Camp Can a vampire ever be a convincing lower-class dredge? There are many attempts to give the creature a grittier edge, though outside of a return to the inhuman version of NOSFERATU, the vampire will have a lot to overcome before it turns out to be something less-than-beautiful. Since the …

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6’+ – It’s alive. IT’S ALIVE!!

At :16 past midnite this morning, the first episode of 6’+ went live over at www.6ftplus.com. It’s the music program brought to you by us, GdL16. We want to take this moment to thank all those involved – every single band that gave us permission to use their music in this first episode; to everyone …

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The Crimson Ghosts: 10 Years and Countless Bodies later.

The Crimson Ghosts, the world’s only Instrumental Surf-Misfits tribute band, is a decade old this year. The band will only play a few shows in 2010 as John Kozik is living the glory with Kilslug and The Disconnect, Gein is killing it with his bass in Black Pyramid and Max Reverb is rockin’ out like …

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