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Name That Film (Please)

Every horror fan has at least one movie they have hazy memories of, but can’t remember the title. I have had several over the years, but I eventually managed to use Google-Fu to identify all but one of them. Every possible attempt I’ve made to identify it has failed, so I hope you can help …

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Rest Up

We’re one week from Halloween. Yeah, vampires, anime and the Groovie Ghoulies. Kind of a hodgepodge of medi-core but it’s Sunday. 

It comes down to this.

Vampires are the ruling class. Zombies are the working class. Werewolves are the middle class. Zombies, creatures of the dirt, eating flesh and whatever they can. They overwhelm in their masses and are usually depicted as mindless and violent. Their uprising usually demolishes society as it’s known. Think of Zombies as the working-man’s monster, the …

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Deep(ly Odd) Thoughts

So I was watching From Dusk ’til Dawn recently and was surprised to see that the staked vampires in the movie stayed dead even when their stakes were removed. Having been raised on movies where removing a stake meant a vampire would rise again, I was initially against the idea, but further consideration had me …

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