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Freaky Tiki Surf-ari: Zombie Surf Camp

Zombie Surf Camp Official Site Zombie Surf Camp, self-release 2009 Halloween 2010 Live, self-release 2010 Not much is known about Zombie Surf Camp. The basic details are that the band formed in 2005 in San Diego, California and its members consist of: Moon Zoggy: Vox, synth and theremin Resin A. Gain: Bass, vox and piano …

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Zombie Surf Camp, ‘Zombie Surf Camp’

Zombie Surf Camp Zombie Surf Camp Can a vampire ever be a convincing lower-class dredge? There are many attempts to give the creature a grittier edge, though outside of a return to the inhuman version of NOSFERATU, the vampire will have a lot to overcome before it turns out to be something less-than-beautiful. Since the …

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