2011: End of the Year – PART 2






The Year 2011 brought us a wide collection of great music from many genres of horror music. It would be pretentious of us here at GdL16 to think that we could pick THE BEST ALBUM OF 2011. And as science has proved, BEST OF lists are for suckers and shitty music blogs. This isn’t a BEST of List, but just part of a collection of FIFTY RELEASES OF 2011 for you to check out. These are in no particular order of importance. Each of them deserves your attention as much as the other. To make it a challenge, we’ll sum up the album in 31 (20+11=31) words.


The Moans, The Three Amigores
This debut release from the Sacramento trio Frankensteins horror and pop punk together, sort of like stitching screeching weasels to the face of Glen Danzig but with much better sounding results.



Southern Culture On The Skids, Zombified
Coming back from the dead, this re-release of a long out-of-print EP comes back to life with four extra tracks and an insatiable hunger for blood, brains and bile.



The Deadbeats, The Day of the Deadbeats
After failing to make this illegal, government forces have been reluctant to wash their hands of the oncoming rabid madness that will sweep the world once it inevitably discovers this band.



Kill, Baby…Kill, Sometimes They Come Back
Why they grow them so weird and bizarre in Huntsville stumped even the greatest philosopher, who ended up carving arcane symbols in the walls while this EP was playing on repeat.



The Phantomatics, She Left Her Brain At The Drive-In
Excellent classic surf rock that will lead to you question the era you are in, leaving you completely disillusioned about all the lies and half-truths you have been bred to believe.



The Night Shift, Devils In the Sea and God In London
Don’t make the mistake of letting the terms “Self released” and “free” prevent you from listening, since they don’t diminish the quality of this incredible EP from the horror punk hurricane.



Spookhand, Keep Out!
The first of three official releases from the band this year captures the fury and fear of this mad science punk rock in ways to make you afraid of the dark.



Darrow Chemical Company, A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue
From the shed skin of Mister Monster, the new invocation rises in a miasma of melodic punk with an acid laced tongue that laces around your brain and melts it away.



The Screamin’ Rebel Angels, Pounce Like A Tiger
Being bad never sounded so good as this rock release combine sultry hooks and Dead Man’s Curves in a rockabilly roots rock package trimmed with a little sex, a little violence.



The Evil Streaks, Go-Go To Hell
Sinister sounds of the latest Necro Tone Family outing melds together the ingredients to make a wicked brew of garage rock, demented surf and Americana rooted evil to a sonic success.



If we’ve missed out on your favorite album, you have 31 words to sum it up in the comments. Who knows? Maybe we’ll pick the best one out and send you something.

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